my bloody valentine

     I have known my boyfriend since 2008 ,initially it was only just a friend.Now my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years.I was very happy when with him.I trusted him with anything and everything.We are working at the same company,but i'm resign 5 month ago.When I not longer work there,he started hanging out with other girl.
One day, I had found out about his relationship with that girl.We had a huge fight about it and he said he would do anything to make me believe.He also promise will not do the same thing,He sounds like he is deeply sorry for  what he has done.I believed him and we moved on with our relationship. I give him a second chance because this is the first time he's cheating on me.Things started getting really good and we were really such a happy couple.
But all was not as I see it,once again I found out about their relationship.It's really surprised me,I thought he has changed,but he still have a relationship with that girl.I was obviously very upset,it felt like my whole world shattered around me.And I ask him "is she sexier than me? more fun? smarter? more interesting? better to talk to? sweeter? funnier? prettier? But I did not get any answer from him.Everyday,every moment,i just thinking about it.Why is this happening?
Even so,I'm still with him now and i love him so much.Some may call me dumb for staying,but I call it love and devotion.
Dear my valentine,all the times and memories we have spent together you even said we'd be forever.The bond we share, I never thought you would dare,dare to hurt me this way, all the lies you say.You made me sick, she is what you want to pick.You made me cry,you made me want to die.”
i'm still love my bloody valentine.”